Prom 2023

Saturday, May 13th

Prom Policy (From the Student Handbook) 

Prom is a privilege, not a right. Prom is a closed event for students and chaperones only. To automatically be eligible to attend the Prom, a student must be in a junior or senior homeroom. A junior or senior may invite a sophomore class member as his/her guest. If a student requests permission to bring an out of school guest he/she must fill out the proper form and file it when he/she purchases his/her tickets. These forms will be approved by the administration. If for some reason a guest is not approved, the student will be refunded his/her ticket money. No student below the 10th grade will be allowed to attend the Prom. Students must adhere to the dress standards of The Greenbrier Resort.

A Greenbrier East student may lose his/her privilege and be denied to attend the Prom due to the following reasons:

  1. Student must have good attendance, behavior, and grades.
  2. Students will not be allowed to attend Prom if they have more than 10 unexcused absences for the school year.
  3. Multiple referrals for Level 3 offenses or any Level 4 offenses will result in loss of Prom privilege.
  4. No guests over 20 years of age will be permitted to attend.
  5. No Homebound students will be permitted to attend.
  6. No Alternative Education Students will be permitted to attend.
  7. No Community Based Students will be permitted to attend.
  8. Virtual school students who have applied and been accepted to the program may attend. These students must be showing successful progress in their courses.